Going camping

The Ferris football program looks to find possible recruits and give back to community

With summer in full swing, the Ferris State football program is looking to find some hidden talent in the high school ranks during the 2010 summer camp program.

The summer camp program, which consists of three main events during July, will give high school athletes from around the state the opportunity to practice under the guidance of the Bulldog coaching staff.Although the camp is meant to benefit the players and improve their skill set, first-year assistant coach and incoming offensive coordinator Chris Boden said the camps will serve as a chance for the coaching staff to find some hidden talent.

“It gives kids exposure to our program while allowing us to identify potential recruits,” said Boden, who is organizing the summer camps. “It lets us show the high school athletes and coaches that Ferris and the coaching staff here are outstanding.”

While the camps will be used as a forum to show off the perks of the Ferris program, the events will also give the football program a chance to give back to the local communities.

“It’s extremely important for us to give back to the community,” said Boden. “This community, region and state do so much for Ferris and this is an opportunity to give back.”

The summer program kicked off on July 11 with the Elite Junior/Senior Twilight Camp. A Quarterback/Wide Receiver Camp will follow on July 22-23 leading up to a 7-on-7 Passing Tourney & Big Man Camp on July 24, which will conclude the summer camp schedule.