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Is downloading music wrong?

I know I’ve done it, and I also know there is a pretty good chance that you have downloaded songs too.

In fact, I honestly cannot think of one single person that I am friends with who does not download songs from the internet. Even my Mom does it. Granted, just because my Mom does it, that does not exactly make it right.

Is downloading music truly a wrong thing to do though? Should I feel guilty every time I tell a file-sharer to download the newest hit single? No, I do not believe I should.

Like many college students, I never run into the dilemma of having too much money. So why would I be willing to spend $15-$20 on a CD with 15 songs and I only like two of them. Who is stealing from whom?

In a recent U.K. study, they found that 60 percent of people claimed to download music off a file-sharing website because of a limited budget. With the economy the way it is, people all across the world have had to keep their wallets in check where they may have spent frivolously in the past. This being especially true for college students.

There really is no reason for me to go buy an inferior product just because I heard one song that I like on the radio. Instead of blaming file-sharing websites and the people using them, artists need to look in the mirror if they truly feel this is an issue.

I recently bought a CD, my first in forever it feels like. A friend of mine had purchased this particular CD and I soon realized that this was actually a good CD from front to back. This ultimately resulted in me giving Eminem my money.

I guess I just have a really hard time feeling sorry for artists who are worth millions and millions of dollars. Half of them cannot even perform without lip-syncing, or sound even remotely talented without their voice being completely changed by a DJ.

I honestly feel that the drop in CD sales is not due to people downloading songs off the internet. It is the complete lack of quality that the music artists of today have deemed acceptable for themselves and their product of work.

For you artists who continue to work hard and perfect your works of art, I will be in a line at Best Buy with your product in hand. For the rest, I will be online with your product in que. n