Fashion basics at Ferris

These wardrobe pieces will make sure you’re always prepared

Instead of breaking the bank to keep up with new fashions, make sure you go to school with clothes that are always wearable.

Keeping up with trends can be tedious for a struggling college student to afford, so making sure you always keep up with wardrobe basics can make things easier. Basics can always be accessorized and dolled up to look like the latest trends.

Guys and girls should make sure to bring at least four pairs of well fitting jeans. They should be different washes and possibly different cuts, but not so out of the ordinary that they will soon go out of style.

Girls should get tank tops in all the basic colors. These are good for layering and creating unique looks with color. Both genders should bring basic tees.

Both genders should bring a few hoodies. These are nice to have for several reasons. They are warm, comfortable, and good to throw on when you’re feeling sluggish. Bring sweats for the same reason, but try not to make these your every day ensemble.

Cardigans and warm sweaters are staples for girls and can be purchased in many different colors to match the season. Guys can also get collared sweaters and partial zip sweaters that are always in season and look great.

For girls, a classic dress that can be dressed up or down is essential. You never know when a special occasion will come up. Girls should also consider bringing a versatile skirt that can be worn with business blouses or fun tops.

Guys should bring at least one tie and pair of dress pants. A couple of dress shirts would be nice to have as well. These things may be needed for special occasions, presentations, or interviews.

Girls need to consider bringing business slacks in neutral tones along with blouses for the same reasons. Tights may be nice to have as well.

Ferris gets extremely cold, which is why jackets are important. A nice fitting fall jacket will be needed when the weather gets colder and you will definitely get your money’s worth out of a heavy winter jacket when it starts to snow. Hats, gloves, scarves, and the like are also encouraged and needed in the colder months.

For shoes, both guys and girls should have a good pair of sneakers for walking around campus. Girls should have a pair of closed-toe business heels and guys should have a pair of dress shoes. Girls would get use out of a pair of flats and heels in basic colors. Don’t forget your winter boots.

Girls would get use out of a big purse with the potential to hold books. An umbrella is suggested for everyone.

These are some essentials that are nice to have in your college closet. They will help you prepare for every situation that college life can throw at you. n