Striking Fear

Possibility of a strike is nothing to joke about

After the first week of classes the vast majority of students have learned that there was (and still is) the possibility of the Ferris State teachers going on strike.

From within my classes or just walking around campus, I cannot even begin to count the times that I heard students saying something in reference to hoping the teachers would go on strike. Now, while their motivation behind these statements is not hard to imagine, these short-sighted comments are not very intelligent.

Granted, I get excited for the occasional day of class which is canceled unexpectedly. Who doesn’t love a good snow day? With that said though, comparing a snow day to the possibility of the teachers going on strike is like comparing a leaking shower head to a hurricane.

The possibility of a strike is a very serious issue which would ultimately have a negative impact on the students. The situation really makes one wonder how a college would handle it.

Would they just cut their losses and refund the students? While I doubt that would happen it would be a disaster if it did. I am in my fifth year of college; it is time for me to graduate. The last thing I want is to have this semester be a complete loss. Not to mention the loans I already took out and the money I am paying to live in Big Rapids. Basically I would be sinking further in debt for nothing.

Then there would be the option of hiring contemporary teachers to fill in for those who are striking. Now, while this option would clearly be better, it would still be upsetting. If I am paying thousands of dollars for classes I expect to be taught by the teachers I signed up for. I really do not want to spend thousands of dollars to be taught by someone who is just there to fill a position and who may not be as qualified as the original teacher. While some classes may be filled by an adequate professor, I have a hard time believing there are that many people with Ph. D.’s waiting around to teach at Ferris in a temporary role.

I have talked to several teachers around campus and they all said the same thing as to why they decided not to go on strike: The reason being us students. I am truly thankful they decided to continue teaching even though they are still without a contract.

Students need to stop thinking about how ‘sweet’ it would be to have no classes and think about the implications of what that would truly mean.

Hopefully, the teachers will be able to get a new contract soon and the whole issue will come to a close. For now though, I would just like to thank the teachers and let them know how much I appreciate the fact that they decided to keep teaching in order for me to receive the education I paid for. n