Social media: friend or enemy?

With social media gaining in popularity privacy is in decline

As technology advances at a rapid pace, social media has exploded in popularity and has become a staple of college students.

With “I’ll Facebook you” replacing “I’ll call you,” college students are constantly plugged in to what their friends are doing.

But with all of the advances in social media, privacy is taking a back seat and that’s a scary thought.

I never really thought about how much my privacy is invaded until I checked the Facebook application on my phone the other day and noticed a new feature that uses GPS to tell you where your friends are.

Now, I’m not the kind of person who believes that the government is tracking me through my phone, but the fact that anyone can log into Facebook and see exactly where I am is a little unsettling.

With the explosion of social media, privacy is something that is now coming at a premium.

While you can monitor and choose what you post on sites like Twitter and Facebook, your life is still on display for the internet to view, and that is something that everyone should have in mind.

With employers making Facebook their primary first screening step, keeping your social media in check is something that any college student should keep in mind, because if you don’t, your next interview might include a question about that picture of you taking body shots on Spring Break. n