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Do you fist pump like a champ?

The Jersey Shore is a show that many people don’t like to watch, but personally, I enjoy the show and watch it every week.

When the Jersey Shore first premiered on MTV it caught my attention. I am of Italian descent and it interested me to see a show about people of my ethnicity. Therefore, I decided to give it a shot and ended up being thoroughly entertained.

I’ve heard all the arguments against the show before. People say the cast members on it are stupid, trashy, dramatic, and that they don’t deserve fame for being the way they are. I agree the people on the show are not exactly the most intelligent or morally correct, but it is still entertaining.

People have asked me before if I feel ashamed at how the cast of the show portray people of Italian descent. Not all Italians are that way and I think a lot of people understand how exaggerated the cast’s actions are. That’s one of the reasons I find the show funny, because it is way over the top.

The show also shows insight into family life. A lot of the casts’ families have made appearances on the show and it shows how closely their families are bonded.

Another thing I enjoy about the show is all the little sayings the cast comes up with, like the “shirt before the shirt,” which is the shirt you wear before you go out, and GTL, which is gym, tanning, laundry, which is the routine for the guys on the show. You listen to some of these things and it’s entertaining because it so ridiculous. It makes you think, “How did they even come up with that?”

When people take shots at the Jersey Shore I like to remind them of other forms of entertainment. Reality television is in high demand and other people watch shows that are similar. People also watch movies that have no point and, for lack of a better word, are just plain stupid.

I also tell people other shows are just like the Jersey Shore, only they aren’t with an Italian cast. Take the Real World for example, which is also on MTV. These people move in together, go out and drink, have intercourse, and have a whole lot of drama along the way. I think the Jersey Shore is like an Italian version of the Real World, but more hilarious because of the way the people act and their “I’m so awesome” attitude.

The bottom line is if you don’t like the Jersey Shore, just don’t watch it. Not everyone is going to agree on what they like, but people should respect when others enjoy something and not be rude about it. I enjoy the Jersey Shore. Even though I don’t agree with everything the cast does, I still think it’s entertaining and that’s my preference. The show must be entertaining to a lot of people, otherwise it wouldn’t be the pop culture phenomenon that it is. n