Register today

I’m not a person who is deeply interested in politics, but there is one thing I never forget to do: vote.

Voting is a right that every American citizen has and one that each person should not take lightly. Voter registration has taken place on campus for the last week or so and there will be table set up in the quad on Sept. 29 where you can register as well.

I would encourage everyone who has not yet registered to take the time to do so. It takes less than five minutes to do. It is conveniently located on campus and people will assist you should any problems or questions arise.

When I was a freshman at Ferris, I registered to vote right here on campus for the gubernatorial election between Jennifer Granholm and Dick DeVos. I did not have a strong interest in either candidate, but I registered anyway. I mean, who wouldn’t be excited to vote for the first time.

Registering to vote is only the first step in the process, however. Just because a person is registered doesn’t mean he or she will vote. The voting process takes some time, but it is worth it. I’ve always said, “If you didn’t vote, don’t complain.” The actual phrase uses slightly different diction, but you get the idea.

Find out who is running for governor of Michigan and take some time to research both candidates. If you do not know what stances each candidate is taking, find out. Be a knowledgeable voter. Be an informed voter. Do not vote for a candidate simply because they are democrat or republican. Instead, vote based on what you believe is best for the state of Michigan.

It’s no secret that Michigan has had its struggles over the last eight years. At 13.1 percent, Michigan has the second highest unemployment rate in the nation

The decline of the automobile industry is the major reason for the economic skid in Michigan over the last two years, but something should have been done to prevent it. Why are there still so many people out of work?

All I know is that Michigan will have a new governor as of Jan. 1, 2011 and every person has the right and duty to vote. n