Blasphemous bacon

America’s love of bacon keeps feeding into obesity

Wherever I look, there it is.

Every other commercial, I see it. Every few entrees on a menu, I read about it. Almost every cooking show I watch, I hear about it.

With all the shows on television about losing weight, doctors telling people to eat organic, restaurants putting healthy options on their menu for the health conscious consumer, there is still one food out there that people lust for. I am of course referring to America’s new obsession: bacon.

There is even a Facebook page for bacon in which 560,683 people decided it was worth their time to ‘like’ it.

People talk about bacon as if it is the holy grail of food. Horrible tasting food? No problem, just throw some bacon on it. Push aside the salt and pepper and pile on the fatty goodness.

I remember the good ol’ days when bacon was a breakfast food. Now, every restaurant commercial I see is advertising new items with bacon on them.

From fast food to sit down restaurants it doesn’t matter. Businesses are shoving bacon down America’s throats and we love them for it.

Do not get me wrong, I do enjoy eating bacon. I just happen to enjoy other foods too. If I am in the mood for a steak or a burger, that’s what I want to taste. Not the bacon these restaurants love to pile on it. Bacon is an overpowering flavor; I should be able to enjoy these foods with out the sidekick of fatty pork.

Restaurants are out of control. Any food that they can wrap bacon around, they will. If they can’t wrap it, then throwing some on top works too. Bacon wrapped asparagus, bacon wrapped scallops, for the love of calories, there is even a bacon ice cream.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying bacon every so often. Like most things in life though, it should be enjoyed in moderation. Anything that contains 251 calories and 28 grams of fat per ounce should be moderated.

It is no wonder that the percentage of overweight Americans has grown to 63.1 percent and still rising. All the healthy food we are eating has Babe and Wilbur wrapped around it. n