Fighting smartphone envy

Who doesn’t want a smart phone?

They access the internet anywhere and anytime, allow you to use hundreds of applications, snap pictures, record video, play music and movies, and even make phone calls (in case you forgot).

Smartphones are getting more and more popular, but do most people really need one? Sure, we have access to all of the information we would ever need, but that doesn’t make us any smarter. In a way, we become unappreciative of this knowledge and begin to take it for granted. Instead of memorizing anything, we just look it up. Most of the time, we use our smartphones to look up useless knowledge.

It appears the temptation of having such a cool device is too overwhelming. Instead of basing our phone plans on our needs, we (or our parents) spend loads of cash on phone plans with unlimited everything. Not to mention all of the money being spent on apps, themes, games, and ringtones.

I am all for new technologies and I would really love to pick up the new iPhone; however, I can’t justify spending such a large amount of money on what is essentially a luxury.

To be honest, I would rather have an iPad than an iPhone. The screen size is bigger, the hardware is better, and I would not have to deal with awful reception. Also, it would be saving me a lot of money on phone bills. I know, I know, what about the 3G right (or is it 4G now, I can’t remember)? Sure, 3G coverage is great, but I already have WiFi in my apartment, on campus, and it is availiable in most restaurants and coffee shops.

Even though I’m fine without one (really, I swear), I still get the urge to buy a smartphone every now and then. It would be really nice to have one, but I just don’t see any reason for it. n