Fast feet

As you walk around campus, take a look and see how everyone is getting around.

Bike, foot, scooter, or skateboard? I find most people walking but lately I have seen an increase in bikes, scooters, and skateboards. What’s the most efficient?

I find walking the easiest, but bikers would probably argue this. Yes, they get to their destination faster but they tend to bulldoze people over in the process. I was walking with my friend to class, and here comes a biker zipping right past us, coming within inches of hitting us. They just squeeze right through everyone, most of the time going too fast to stop if someone walks out in front of them.

Then there are the scooters, Razor Scooters to be exact. I used to think that was a silly idea but they are still going faster than I am walking, but slower than the bikers. The downside I saw was having to carry it around afterwards. You can’t lock it up so it has to be taken with you. Do I really want to carry around a scooter? No, I do not.

The last mode of transportation I noticed was skateboards or long boards. This seemed like a great idea to me, you have more control than on a bike and it is smaller to carry around than a scooter.

As I kept watching these skateboarders though, I noticed how many fell or were very close to it as they went from the street to the sidewalk. And one more problem, I don’t know how to skateboard and it doesn’t seem easy.

So I decided to stick with my current mode of transportation: walking. It was the easiest and didn’t require me to carry around anything but my backpack, and I didn’t need to learn how to do it or risk falling.

On behalf of all the walkers on campus, bikers, please don’t run us walkers over and try to be a little more cautious. And skateboarders, we don’t like watching you fall so watch your wheels. n