Honoring Ferris faculty

FSU professor receives top award

Ferris’ College of Engineering Technology assistant professor Richard Goosen has been honored with the 2009-10 distinguished teacher award.

“I was surprised and humbled,” said Goosen.

Serving as coordinator for both the CAD Drafting Tool Design and the Product Design Engineering Technology programs, Goosen said he views Ferris’ distinguished teacher award as the most significant award to receive at the university.

The year-long evaluation, consisting of classroom visitations, hundreds of student surveys, meetings and interviews, reviewed various aspects of the finalist’s teaching methods.

Goosen said receiving the distinguished teacher award holds significant importance due to the positive student feedback. Goosen said a major part of being an educator is the ability to give students an engaging experience.

“You have to get students engaged by adapting the material to each student,” said Goosen. “Apply what you teach as much as possible.”

Distinguished Teacher Award Committee member Khagendra Thapa said the positive feedback received by the committee’s evaluation assisted in the decision to honor Goosen with the award.

“From student evaluations and their comments, as well as the class visitations from the committee members, it was clear that Dr. Goosen is truly a distinguished faculty member at Ferris State University,” said Thapa.

“He works very hard to ensure that students in his class understand the material he teaches,” said Thapa. “Dr. Goosen goes out of his way to help students learn the material and ensure they are properly advised so they can graduate within a specific time period.”

An assistant professor at Ferris since 1993, Goosen earned a Bachelor of Science in General Engineering in 1974 from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He also received a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Ohio University in 1985 and was awarded a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Western Michigan University.

“It was really quite an honor,” said Goosen. “If you ask me what it is I did to get this honor I would say, ‘I teach.’” n