Getting involved

Homecoming week allowed students the opportunity to have fun and interact with new people

“Are you going to the Comedian?
This was probably my most used phrase last week. As the Homecoming Comedian Chair, I had to make sure my event was well promoted, comedians were booked, and the show ran smoothly. It was really nice watching Homecoming come together and to see everyone get involved throughout the week.

What better time to get involved than Homecoming week? It allows a bunch of different registered student organizations (RSOs) and Greek fraternities and sororities to get together and celebrate what we have in common with each other: Ferris.

For those four short years we are in college, I believe we have to get involved. We are here to learn and build contacts for the future. Whether it was the bed sheet banner competition, kickball, or lip-sync contest, Ferris’ Homecoming offers a lot of different opportunities for people to be active no matter how small of an organization they are a part of.

“The Graphic Arts Association enjoys getting involved in Homecoming, we always look forward to making a bed sheet banner and playing kickball,” said Thomas Walker of the Graphic Arts Association.

During this past week, I saw small organizations competing against huge fraternities and watched as they remained competitive and had lots of fun. Getting involved allows an organization to build as a team as well as grow in friendship. I believe it’s a necessary part of college and we learn from each other and grow as a university by interacting with each other.

“I wanted to be involved and be immersed into what Homecoming is. Even though I am not in a fraternity, I wanted to show that anyone can do it and anyone can have fun with it,” said Stephen “Stu” Gangi, one of this year’s Homecoming King candidates.

Throughout school, we are constantly told to focus on our schooling and to get good grades, but when you’re in college, we are told to look beyond that; we are told to get involved and stay active. It is often said it’s not what you know, but who you know. How else are you going to get those contacts and build the skills needed to work as a team other than actually becoming part of a group and stepping up to that challenge to get involved?

“I love to get involved. I wanted to put on a fun run this year sponsored by Ferris Striders to get people together and help them stay active during Homecoming. I couldn’t have done this though without the help of Liz Troost and Up Til’ Dawn. They helped me plan and really make this an event we hope to do year after year,” said Laura Hersha.

We are here for only four years, so let’s make the best of it. I challenge you next year to build on what you did
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