Ferris made freaky

Another Halloween marks the time for students to get into costume and character

It’s the time of year when students can tap into their alter egos and escape the college world for a night of whimsy and fun.

Deciding on a Halloween costume for the night of ghouls and ghosts can be a little vexing and some have trouble making the decision. Here are some helpful hints for putting yours together.

Homemade Costumes

For students on a budget or those who just have a creative edge, making a Halloween costume is a good solution. A lot of the supplies needed can be found at thrift stores.

Ghost- You need an old sheet

Bat- Cut up an old umbrella to use for wings and wear black

Rodents, a cat, or dog- Use face paint and matching ears

Cowgirl/Cowboy- Cowboy hat, jeans, bandana, some rope, and boots

Prom King/Prom Queen- Grab an old prom dress or tux from your closet and just get a tiara or crown (this can be used as a couples idea, too)

Pop Culture Costumes

Dress up like your favorite celebrities for Halloween

Jersey Shore Cast- You need a tan, hair gel, and paint on some abs

Lady Gaga- You can do anything from a lacey outfit with fake blood to a meat costume; the sky is the limit with this one

Glee- Carry around a microphone and dress up like your favorite character

Avatar- You’re going to need a lot of blue paint for this one

Tiger Woods- All you need is a golf club, Nike polo and hat, and khakis

Couples Costumes

Couples often go to Halloween parties together so if you want to get coordinated, here are some ideas.

Mario and Princess Peach- Guys need overalls, a hat, gloves, and black hair and girls need a pink dress, tiara, and blonde wig

Shrek and Princess Fiona- Guys need to get green and wear a brown vest, white tunic, and plaid pants while girls get a green dress and a red braided wig

Barbie and Ken- There are many different versions of Barbie and Ken, so go with the one you like most. Examples include ‘80s, beach, disco, or classic.

Beauty and the Beast- Girls get a yellow gown and a brown wig and guys get an old style suit to match. You can either go as the furry version or the ending prince

Bella and Edward- Guys need to bronze their hair, get pale skin, and wear something like a pea coat while girls need long, curly dark hair, pale skin, and a simple cotton shirt with jeans

Sexy (Almost Desperate) Costumes

Some people like to take Halloween to an almost inappropriate level with their costumes. For those people, here are just a few ideas, but you can make almost an costume inappropriate if you really want to.

French Maid- Add a feather duster to the typical outfit and accessorize

Nurse- Heels and fishnets with this outfit will give it an edge

Goofy Costumes

For those who like to get a good laugh out of people there are some costumes that might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Banana- This is simple and you only need the costume itself

Sumo Wrestler- If you can’t afford an actual sumo suit, just use pillows to stuff an oversized shirt and pants and get a black wig with a bun on top

Gum Under a Shoe- Wear a pink shirt and pants, if you can get them, and then tie a shoe to your head

Where’s Waldo- Wear blue jeans, a red and white striped shirt and hat to match with some thick black glasses

Grandma- Wear an old nightgown, slippers, glasses, and a gray haired wig with rollers in it

Twister the Game- Use a Twister mat to make your outfit and put the spinner on your head

Some students from FSU already have a start on their costume ideas.

Robin Fomusa, a sophomore in the music industry management program, said, “My friend and I are going as Mario and Luigi for Halloween this year.”

Sophomore in the music industry management program Amanda Krebs said, “A group of my friends and I are dressing up like the teenage mutant ninja turtles.”

“I’m going as a ‘70s porn star,” said David Kalaf, senior in the computer networks and systems engineering program.

Halloween is your once a year opportunity to step outside the box. Ideas are everywhere and with a little effort can be made into something great. Remember, the point is to have fun no matter what you end up wearing. n