Hallowed haunts

Big Rapids and nearby cities have a history of haunting that might be intriguing to those who enjoy fright around Halloween.

The Big Rapids Cinema has long been rumored to possess spirits. According to theshadowlands.com, various people have reported having cold chills, hearing a woman’s voice yelling for help, and experiencing weird feelings and noises while in the cinema’s basement. The basement of the Big Rapids Cinema used to be a gateway to the underground tunnel system that used to be in place under the city, but is now filled in.

“Every employee has seen or heard things, especially later at night,” said Rob Shutler, senior in the finance program and employee at the Big Rapids Cinema. “Several of us have heard a girl whispering upstairs in the projection booth, which always has an eerie feeling to it.”

Shutler also said while he was cleaning the theatre one night the lights started turning off on him.

Another place rumored to be haunted in Big Rapids is the Ponderosa restaurant. Theshadowlands.com reports that voices are heard on a regular basis in the restaurant and shadows of people walking around are seen. Things have also been said to fall for no reason.

Some have reported seeing a woman in dark attire with white nylons and black heels at the restuarant. The sound of her heels can be heard down the hallways.

These reports could not be confirmed or denied by current employees at this time.

The Rapids Apartments in Big Rapids also have reported haunting activity. Theshadowlands.com reports that many residents have experienced a voice behind that sounded like a young woman or a child’s voice saying hi. When they would turn around to look no one would be there.

If you are willing to take your search for haunted places out of Big Rapids, you could stop in Reed City and visit the Osceola Inn. The inn was built in the late 1800s and has had a fair share of reported spirits.

According to hauntedhouses.com, spirits have been seen, cold spots have been felt, voices and other unexplained noises have been heard, lights and other electronics have malfunctioned, and doors open and shut at the inn. The inn was visited by the West Michigan Ghost Hunters Society and several reported ghosts and apparitions were named and their specific histories were identified.

Another place in Reed City reported to be haunted by theshadowlands.com is Pompeii’s, which is a pizza place. According to the site, there have been reports of chairs moving away from tables by themselves, pinball machines playing on their own, and figures out in the alleyway late at night.

Tracy Roggow, an employee at Pompeii’s, said, “There is a psychic that comes into the restaurant and says that the ghosts talk to her. There have been unexpected things fall off of walls, items get switched around that are unexplainable, and items have flown at employees in the basement.”

Ruggow said the ghost who haunts the place is said to be named Mr. Reed. The business’ previous owner explained to the current owner that Mr. Reed used to live in the house next to the business, which is no longer there, and he was murdered.

Big Rapids, Mecosta County, and many other places in the state of Michigan are saturated with tales of haunted places. If you’re looking for a thrill this Halloween you might consider paying a visit to these rumored ghostly gathering places. n