Political Idol

Vote for the person because of who he or she is, not the party he or she represents

As each election rolls around we always hear how important it is for each person to get out and vote, that our vote really matters.

The problem I have with this is that our votes DO matter. The issue is the vast majority of Americans, even those that do vote, do not truly take this to heart.

When you go to the polls, what are you basing your vote on? The person whose views you agree with most, the person you heard the least hate ads about, or do you just vote for the people in the same political party you belong to? As the American people, are we truly aware of who is the best candidate? The answer to that is no, we do not. Even the so-called “experts” in their individual fields do not know that answer, as most of their advice is based on speculations; no one knows who is the best person for the job.

Unfortunately, the candidates are well aware of this and elections have turned into one big popularity contest. We do not vote for who we feel will do the best job; we vote for who we like the most. Who we can relate to, or who sounds the best, gets our vote. Too bad politics is much more complex than American Idol.

Political debates are hardly ever televised anymore. It would be much more beneficial to hear candidates argue why their ideas are going to improve American lives instead of watching cheesy hate ads.

I feel the ultimate evil that can be done in a voting booth is to vote for someone just because on the poll it says they are Republican or Democrat. We should be voting for people because they will achieve the most good for the most people, not because you belong to the same political party.

It really makes me wonder what the purpose is of having multiple parties. Just because the majority of Democrats support gay marriage and the majority of Republicans want to make abortion illegal, it does not mean they all feel this way. So, what is really the point of belonging to a specific party if you disagree with some of the things they support?

I feel that ultimately, it only leads people into fighting and wasting time about pointless party-related things when that time could be used much more constructively.

If the Democrats lose control of Congress, as is being predicted, that should not be an issue. If Obama proposes a bill which has a really good chance of improving American lives then it should be passed, regardless of how many of a certain party is in Congress.

We really need to start focusing on what truly matters this election season, instead of treating it like a reality show. Whoever wins the next Survivor will not affect me, but the winners of the upcoming election will. n