Construction traffic

Optometry building project forces lane closures on State Street

North bound and south bound State Street will have lane closures through Nov. 6 because of construction on the Michigan College of Optometry project.

On the North bound side of State Street, the West lane will be closed from Perry Street to Ferris Drive through Nov. 6. The west lane on the South bound side of State Street will be closed from Perry Street to Ferris Drive from Nov. 3 through Nov. 6.

Project Manager for the Clark Construction Company Tim Ward said they were instructed to close the lanes in a specific manner.

“We have to get approval from MDOT,” said Ward. “They tell us exactly what we have to do.”

Ward said the lanes needed to be closed so they could rework the median along State Street near the east entrance of the building. Clark Construction is putting in new curbs, topsoil, and landscaping in the median. In addition, Ward said they are moving the entrance to the parking lot so it is closer to the building.

The sidewalk adjacent to the new optometry building along State Street will be closed between McDonald’s and Ferris Drive until Nov. 15 as well. Pedestrians are instructed to cross to the east side of the street to avoid the construction area.

Ward said the project is expected to be completed by Jan. 3 so that it will be open for the start of the winter semester.

According to the Michigan College of Optometry webpage through, the project is estimated to cost $26.9 million. The state of Michigan is providing 75 percent or $20,170,000 of the funds. Ferris and the MCO are responsible for raising the remaining $6,725,000. n