Common bond

Ferris students come from numerous towns across Michigan and across the country.

We have different backgrounds, different majors, different friends, different classes and different hobbies. No two people are exactly the same and our differences often keep us separated. There is one common bond that ties us together, however.

Every time I attend a sporting event, as I did last weekend, I am reminded of that bond. I am reminded that no matter how great our differences, we all stand united when Old Glory is raised. As that majestic symbol of American freedom rises across a clear, blue sky backdrop, I stop and think of how blessed I am to be living in United States of America.

Every single person living in this great nation should be thankful every day that we live in a safe country. We live in a country where a person can speak freely about religion, sexual orientation, or political beliefs without being ridiculed or silenced by leaders. The men and women of the United States Armed Forces risk their lives each day to defend our freedoms and our nation.

Without their sacrifice, we would not have the security and the peace of mind that we so often take for granted.

Even though not everyone is patriotic, we all benefit from the freedoms the military personnel die defending. Some people are angry about the manner in which some members of the military treat people, yet fail to thank them for the protection they provide. If you’re not happy with the manner in which your life is protected, then enlist in the armed forces and protect our nation in the manner you see fit.

It sure is easy to criticize when you’re thousands of miles away from the conflict. I think people would have a more appreciative attitude toward the members of the military if they experienced war first hand.

The next time the American flag is raised, hold your hand over your heart and sing the Star Spangled Banner with pride and remember those who have died so that we can live freely. n