Committee elects chair

Professor Alspach named new chair of UCC

It has been a great semester for Dr. Sandra Alspach, professor of communication at Ferris State University.

After successfully adding the new sports communication program to the university’s course catalog Nov. 2, Alspach was named the new University Curriculum Committee Chair for a three-year term beginning in May.

Alspach was one of the original designers of both the applied speech communication and communication programs.

The UCC, according to Alspach, functions as the gate keeper for courses and programs to join the official FSU catalog.

“We work with curriculum designers and Academic Affairs to guarantee that all courses and programs meet standards of excellence, including outcomes and assessments,” Alspach said.

Alspach will continue to work with current Chair Dr. Leonard Johnson to ensure a smooth transition.

Alspach has previous experience going through the procedures to create the new sports communication minor and certificate. Alspach said it took approximately one year to launch the program.

Johnson, who has been the chair for approximately six years, said he decided to step down after his term in order to do more teaching.

Alspach said her goals are to continue to make the process of curriculum development “efficient and effective.”

“Our job is to provide a template for curriculum development that is consistent across the university,” Alspach said.

Johnson said Alspach has been a recognized member of the UCC and has “served with distinction.”

“She brings a breadth of experience with a number of complex curricular issues, and she has the knowledge and expertise necessary to help this group,” Johnson said.

Alspach has been working at Ferris for nearly 17 years and has taught many of the communication courses in the curriculum. Alspach specializes in international and sports communication, as well as the theories of communication.

Unlike other committees for the Academic Senate, the UCC along with the Academic Review Committee chairs are appointed by the senate executive committee. All other committees are elected by the members of those individual committees.

Alspach previously served on the committee as a representative from the College of Arts and Sciences for six years. It will be her third-year term on the UCC. n