Bargain hunting barbarians

Black Friday brings out the worst in people

People love a bargain, and nothing proves this more than the absolute madness that is displayed every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Only one day after people spend time with their families and give thanks to all the things one has been blessed with, people turn into complete savages in order to save a few dollars on stuff they probably do not even need. Showing their true nature, women will start a fist fight over a coffee maker, men will hit women over an HD TV, and pregnant women will be trampled. These are only a few of the many examples of violent acts that occur on Black Friday in the name of a great sale.

Is getting in a fist fight with a complete stranger worth a DVD player that is on sale for $30? A lot of websites have started having great deals online so why do people feel the need to get up at 3 a.m. and literally put their lives at risk just so they can save a few dollars?

I understand times are rough for a lot of people and everyone is trying to save some cash. I do not feel the people who are committing these acts of barbarianism are the people that are that bad off. If they were that strapped for cash then they still would not be able to afford a new TV, even if they’d get a Playstation 3 for free. This violence is being performed out of the purest form of greed.

Black Friday was given its name because accountants usually use black to signify profit in their books as retailers on this day obviously make a lot of money. That should not be the only reason, though, why it has this name.

It certainly is black as it strips away the fake layer people wear every day, and reveals the ugly decrepit thing they really are. Savages stand pounding on the glass doors at 3 a.m. demanding to be let in, then trample and even kill employees as the doors open and the horde sprints in to the deals beyond.

Many wars have been fought over religion. Black Friday is a war over a religion that almost everyone holds in common: the religion of money. It says right on our stone cold cash, “In God we trust.”

If you went out this past Black Friday, I hope you made it safely home, and you were not one of these barbarians, but still a respectable human being. I was not one of them as I was in my bed asleep, dreaming pleasant dreams. I’ll hunt for deals on-line in the safety of my home. n