Finding a home

College offers us a lot of new experiences, but we always need a home to come back to

As college students, we are on the move switching dorm rooms, degrees, and sometimes colleges; many of us struggle to find a home in our short years at college.

For most of us, like me, we traveled a few hours to come to Ferris, get an education and eventually a job. We came here to meet new people and to have new experiences, but for college students always on the move we never truly settle down and declare a home.

After high school, Ferris becomes a whole new world filled with completely different experiences that often change from year to year.

With this constant switching we need something to come back to, something that will always welcome us, even if we have been away for a long time. For me, I know I will always have a warm meal after church on Sundays with the Newman Center. For the past five years at college, I have been greeted graciously over a nice meal with great friends that I look forward to each week. This meal allows me to forget about the rest of the week and focus on good friends and what lies ahead.

Of course, I will always find comfort in my actual home. Even though I have changed so much over the years, my family is still right where I left them and they still love me. I will always be greeted with a smile once I step into my house and my family will be waiting to hear about my college adventures.

Many of us went home last weekend to welcoming friends and families sharing fond memories. We gave thanks to those people who are in our lives, but we must remember that Thanksgiving is not just one day out of your life, it should be every day. Remember to frequently come together and share experiences with the ones you love not just on holidays, but often.

For a freshman, this new college life can be daunting and as your first semester winds down you should never let go of the things in your life that make you happy. As we go on each year, experience new ideas but still hold onto your home. Find something in your life that will never go away; as college, friends, and your location change, there should always be a home that will be rewarding to come back to.

For seniors, we are constantly told there is a whole new world after we are handed that diploma. We find a place that has given us memories and then we move on to another life starting over. Life changes so fast that we have to treasure our past memories and keep in mind that even though we may be states away from our old home, we still have something to come back to.

So, give thanks to the ones around you, for the bonds you have made, and the memories that you have formed. Keep the ones you love close and always make time for that phone call home. College is a wonderful time when you learn so much, but make sure you never forget your home. n