Keep Moving forward

Former director hired as interim dean

Dr. Julie Coon has chosen to carry on the vision of Ellen Haneline by becoming the Interim Dean for the College of Allied Health Sciences.

“It certainly wasn’t what I anticipated this year with the tragic death of the dean,” said Coon. “We are all feeling that loss, but because she was so affective, the college is well positioned for the future.”

Coon has been the director of nursing since 2001. She was also a Ferris faculty member for 17 years and a former teacher at Kirtland Community College. Coon earned her doctorate from Western Michigan University and a master’s from Wayne State University.

Coon said one of the proudest moments in her career was being awarded Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation in 1994.

With a background in nursing, Coon said she never expected to become a part of the academic leadership at Ferris.

“I don’t think anyone in health care plans to go into the academic world,” said Coon. “When you go into academics, the students take the place of the patients.”

Coon said she worked with Haneline side by side for nine years. She said Haneline was her greatest mentor.

“She was such an extraordinary exemplar,” said Coon. “I am sitting in her office because of that.”

The College of Allied Health Sciences currently has a strong enrollment. Kathy Hotz, the administrative secretary for the Dean, said Coon is dedicated to continuing its success.

“She [Coon] has experience working with all programs in the College and will provide leadership as Interim Dean,” said Hotz. “Dr. Coon has the vision and dedication to keep the College on track and moving forward to meet the current and future health care needs.”

Coon said she plans on continuing this success by growing strategically and providing continuity of the Health Sciences program.

For students in any career, Coon advises for every individual to find a career that is best for them.

“Find something that makes you happy, passionate and fulfilled,” said Coon. “If you don’t have a passion, it’s just a job.” n