Filming for the First Lady

Members of You Beautiful Black Woman are working to bring Michelle Obama to Ferris this spring.

“We want to show the community and the campus that you can do anything you set your mind to,” said Michelle Obama Initiative Committee Chair Sylvia Moore. “Even if only one person can walk away with being inspired by the First Lady, then we will know that we have truly made a difference.”

After researching and making calls to the White House office and universities across the U.S., Moore discovered a way to get Mrs. Obama’s attention: create a video.

Last year, Moore ran the idea by YBBW president Joy Hayley. The video became an event at the top of their list.

Hayley said the First Lady’s appearance would make students feel proud.

Currently, YBBW is working with students in Television and Digital Media Production to create the video. Receiving college credit for their work, participating students include Hannah Prill, Jonathan Stepanski, Corey Underwood and Carl Jesse.

“They have helped me to film and showcase Ferris State, and I wouldn’t trade their dedication for anything in the world,” said Moore.

Prill said people are working together to make the video, and it’s encouraging a sense of unity.

Hayley said the First Lady would speak on important issues such as education, fostering healthy eating and living and encouraging national service.

“We’ve conducted interviews with Ferris faculty, students, President Dave Eisler, Dean Michelle Johnston and the Big Rapids mayor, Mark Warba,” said Prill.

Hayley said members of YBBW, Zeta Tau Alpha, Entertainment Unlimited, Phi Beta Sigma, Kappa Alpha Psi, Zeta Phi Beta, Delta Sigma Theta, Alpha Phi Alpha, Black Leaders Aspiring for Critical Knowledge, Disability Awareness and Education and Delta Sigma Pi are all involved in producing the video.

“The effort that it took, the compassion and the drive that everyone has for this project would show what our organization brings to the campus and will encourage future members to join an organization that is based on making a difference,” said Hayley.

According to Moore, YBBW members are contributing through letters, cards, videos and campaigns.

Moore said the video is being submitted Dec. 18, but it will take roughly two months for the First Lady to see it due to security screenings.

The video will be distributed to the Ferris homepage, video participants and YouTube. n