Playing with plastic

Plastic Musik, a group of musicians based out of Las Vegas, will be performing at Ferris to prove that instruments can be created from unlikely objects.

The group uses plastic tubes, laundry tubs, and various other plastic objects to recreate well-known songs. They cover everything from Beethoven and Mozart to 80s classics and hip-hop hits. Plastic Musik also utilizes a revolutionary product called “boomwhackers,” which are brightly colored musical tubes.

Plastic Musik has played in Mexico, Busch Gardens in Tampa for two months, and will be performing at Ferris on Jan. 12 thanks to Entertainment Unlimited. The following day, they will play at the University of Michigan.

“Entertainment Unlimited likes to start each semester with a ‘big’ act, and Plastic Musik was exactly what we were looking for,” said President of Entertainment Unlimited and advertising major Courtnie Strat. “Students should attend this event because it is very unique. Their website describes the show as an abstract percussion show that combines innovative instrumentation with high energy, unpredictable theatrics to bring you an enjoyable experience that you are unlikely to forget.”

“I decided I wanted to attend this event because I looked the group up on YouTube and it looked like a fun event to go to,” said Greg Priester, third year hospitality major. “I’ve never been to an event like this before, which is probably why I was interested in going. I am looking forward to just sitting down and enjoying the show; it is a nice way to start the semester.”

Ferris hosted Recycled Percussion a few years ago, a group similar to Plastic Musik. The show was well attended and right after their showing at Ferris, they had success with placing third on the popular television show America’s Got Talent.

“I have never been to a show like this, but if it’s anything like Stomp, then it should be fun,” said Luke Edington, freshman in plastics technology. “I’m looking forward to seeing the show as a break on the third day of classes.”

“We try to offer students a chance to be exposed to a variety of entertainment and this is a group that offers an experience you wouldn’t find at a normal venue,” said Amber Porter, publicity coordinator for EU and senior in the advertising program. “I had the opportunity to watch Plastic Musik’s act in Grand Rapids and of all the concerts in that two-hour block, theirs was the top show that was most memorable.”

“I’m looking forward to the event as a whole,” said Megan Monks, sophomore in accounting. “I am a person who loves art and expression and I feel like this is something that will contain those things.”

The group has grown from a three-member group in 2002 to five members consisting of multi-instrumentalists, a three-piece rock outfit, and a DJ. Plastic Musik promises to deliver not only music, but also a visually stimulating show comprised of choreography and entertainment.

According to Porter, Plastic Musik is a musical experience unlike anything else.

“They combine a variety of musical styles to suit any student’s taste as well as a visual performance you can’t get from any ordinary concert,” said Porter. “They put on a production to entertain in a unique and memorable way that will have students talking long after this event.”

The show is free and will begin at 7 p.m. at Williams Auditorium. For more information about the event, contact Amber Porter at 616-232-0949 or e-mail n