The new face of communication

The communication industry is changing and it was no more apparent than with my latest Christmas present.

This past Christmas, Santa answered my wishes and his elves at the Apple store built me an iPad. After playing around with this device, it has spiked my interest in news media even more. Working for the Torch has certainly allowed me to retain my love for news, but to have any newspaper at my fingertips is quite amazing.

After studying new media printing and publishing throughout my five years at college, I have been immersed in the battle between both print and online media. I believe both have a rightful place in society, but after watching the iPad in action, I can see traditional print fading away soon.

Tablet devices were one of the hot ticket items this past holiday season, and after getting one I can see why. With this little device, I can search the web, play games, watch movies, and get any ounce of information with a few clicks.

The best part about this digital era, though, is its ability for people to have a conversation. Printed newspapers allow for only one-way communication, while online media gives the users the ability to comment and have an open discussion. The writer can only go so in-depth into the article and comments allow for different points of views and a great opportunity to voice your own opinion.

The web is no longer becoming a controlled set of web pages, but a web of people conversing and sharing ideas. Each day, people are uploading information all across the globe, and with devices like the iPad, information can be accessed from anywhere.

Even the Torch has received its digital upgrade in the past few years. As the Torch Web Editor, I am in charge of uploading content to the web. With the new addition of a few still/video cameras, and our creative students, I can expect to see much more visual media online that print cannot do. The visual content allows the readers to put a face to the story and makes the news much more enjoyable.

This new technology is changing the communication industry as a whole, and I know I have had many debates over this very topic. I have concluded that print is only changing and communication will become more visual. I believe we will always need something printed, but with these new devices arriving, it is only a matter of time until we live in the digital future.

With the iPad, I believe this is the tip of the iceberg. The new wave of communication will continue to grow from here and electronic devices like the iPad will be looked at like old CD players are now. All we have to do is ask ourselves, “What’s next?” n