Changing constellations

What? I’m not a Libra anymore?

There is a new position of the constellations, since Earth’s axis has changed according to, therefore messing up our current horoscope chart. They are even adding a new sign called Ophiuchus. Professor Parke Kunkle of the Minnesota Planetarium Society says the Zodiac has a date problem.

Is my whole destiny untrue because I’ve been reading the wrong horoscope for the past twenty years? I feel like someone just told me Pluto wasn’t a planet anymore.

I am suddenly a Virgo. I don’t think companies will continue producing the old horoscopes, especially when there will be a 13th sign. Am I not allowed to follow a future Cosmo’s prediction for a Libra since October birthdays are the new Virgos? My birthday is clearly going to be stated under the Virgo horoscope and I will most likely read a magazine once more in my life.

It is a good thing I never paid close attention to my monthly horoscope. This could be why my crush never asked me out in the eighth grade, just saying.

Sometimes you just want those horoscopes to come true, no matter how silly they may be. We have all read them at one time or another. Don’t lie about it, you have read your horoscope at least once in your life.

Of course, I am really not that vain. I believe my horoscope predictions do not define who I am or who you are, let alone predict my upcoming month. It is interesting to learn about change, though. I mean, I’m not a believer in fortune telling, but it still bothered me when I found out, through Facebook of course, I am no longer a Libra. It’s funny how you don’t appreciate something until it is taken away.

Finding out this information makes me feel like I have been lied to all these years, kind of like when people found out the Earth was round. Maybe we should look past all that, change our tattoos and move on. n