Strange days

I believe my iTunes is trying to make me freak out about the end of my college career.

In a span of three songs, the program chose The Doors’ “The End”, Pink Floyd’s “Time” and The Pixies’ “Where is my Mind?” in a random shuffle as I stared at the recently-acquired business suits in my closet.

Now some people would ask why I would be freaking out about a few songs about the end and time getting past you, but to me those songs and the sight of professional attire made me realize the real world is coming quick, specifically just a few short months away.

I’m not really worried about where my career is going, because things are happening for me there. For many of us here entering the end of college, time is ticking down to enjoy your youth before mortgages and going to bed at nine become the norm. Yeah, you just got a little bummed out reading that sentence, didn’t you?

But as I’ve began the final semester of my college career, I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve decided to not worry about anything and just try to enjoy my youth.

When you start worrying about stupid things and get caught up in things that are out of your control, like I let happen a little bit last semester, you get yourself down and stressed for no good reason.

But if you take things as they come and realize that the time you have in college can be some of the most important and entertaining years of your life, then all you need to do is have fun and not sweat the small things.

Go ahead and take those guitar lessons that you wanted to. Ask out the cutie in your class that you’re afraid to talk to. Go to a party where you know absolutely no one and make the best of it.

Whatever the case, live life doing the things that you want to do and make it fun, especially during your college years.

I was watching Inception the other day and at the beginning of the film, one of the characters says, “Don’t you want to take a leap of faith? Or do you want to become an old man, filled with regret?”

Don’t become old and filled with regret, because you’ll never know what fun you could have had. n