Bedroom beauty

When starting a new semester you might find yourself feeling a lack of motivation and inspiration. A remedy to the problem: give your room a makeover.

Giving your room a fresh look might be just what you need to feel like you’re getting a fresh start to the new year and new semester.

In a dorm or apartment bedroom you don’t always have a lot of space to work with, so small changes can make a dramatic impact. One change that can be made relatively inexpensively is your bedding.

Think about how you’d like your room to feel. Choose warm colors like deep reds and gold tones if you want a positive and cozy atmosphere. Choose cooler tones like blues if you want a calming retreat. Throw pillows are also a nice way to spruce up a space and add a decorative flare.

Figure out a way to store things more effectively. Purchasing bed risers and totes will allow you to hide things you’re not currently using and getting a bed skirt can even hide this form of storage. Instead of throwing things around, try incorporating some baskets or colorful plastic containers into your room to store books, movies, and school supplies.

Adding accessories can really give a room an edge. Switching up the posters you have in your room is a way to get something new and different. If you really want change then try adding fake flowers with no mess or more sophisticated forms of artwork. An actual living plant can also enhance the atmosphere in your room because you won’t be the only thing alive in it anymore.

To match your new color scheme try changing your area rug. Adding curtains that actually match your room, instead of the typical blinds or green curtains found in rooms, can really tie things together.

Pictures can enhance a room immensely. Try replacing your current frames or simply add new ones. A neat idea is to create your own collage or canvas art with your customized photos. Go to to get ideas and rates.

A final, and cheap, idea is to add a string of lights to your room. Christmas lights are extremely cheap and can be wrapped around your window or anywhere you want in your room. You can usually find them in a myriad of different colors and they can contribute greatly to the ambience you are trying to create in your room.

These are just some simple suggestions that can be made without breaking the budget of the typical college student. Matching your room to the new year may just be the change you need to kick this semester off right. n