Words @ War: Pro

Since the dawn of time, education has been a big part of our life.

I believe the advent of new technology is bettering our school system drastically and teaching children more information at a younger age. Allowing such devices as computers and various software systems inside the classroom allows students to learn at their own pace and learn in a much more visual environment.

From kindergarten all the way to doctorate programs, teachers are incorporating new devices in the classrooms to add to the teaching experiences. I know for a fact, I do not learn as well when the teacher just stands in front of the classroom and lectures. Adding videos and different online experiences can add so much more into what the teacher in trying to convey and also gives the students real life examples.

This past semester I bought my first e-book from the on-campus bookstore. It was cheaper, saved on paper, and it has been easy to navigate. This book also reads itself to me, gives me quizzes and allows me to go at my own pace. The book is part of a national certification that, once completed, will give me a certification in a nationally recognized program.

Books such as mine will only get smarter as times goes by. New books could allow readers to skip questions that the reader understands and give students more help on areas of concern. New technology in the classroom could allow for the student to get a personalized learning experience that could be very effective.

Ever since my first day of high school, I have seen computer usage increase drastically, and I only expect it to go higher. Teaching kids technology at a young age prepares them for the future and allows them to receive the necessary skills they need to properly use the Internet to search for useful information. It is proven that people with computer skills are more likely to be hired and get jobs faster.

The best part of this digital age of education though is that students can keep up with up-to-date information instantly. With a few clicks of the mouse we can find information about any topic covered in class and contradicting ideas. The digital age has allowed us to use real world examples and apply them to concepts taught around the world. Teachers can now send us updates on our class standings, grades, and new ideas that add to their class lecture.

As a personal note, my brother has been in special education for most of his schooling. He has a lot of learning disabilities and without technology I do not think he would be able to walk across that stage in a few months and get his high school diploma. Technology has helped him understand concepts and also give him a more self-paced education system.

As I see it, technology has helped a lot of students become more culturally aware, learn at their own pace, and is an effective way to learn. I can only expect to see more in the future and I believe this is just the start. n