MTV=Mindless Television

The so-called premiere “youth channel” is killing our youth, reality show by reality show

There once was a time that MTV actually played music. No really, this era did exist oh so long ago.

As time has passed, MTV has devolved into the main driving force behind the decline of western civilization in the recent decade.

With so called “reality TV” replacing music videos and single-handedly killing Carson Daily’s career (yes, he’s still alive), MTV has abandoned the music industry and shifted its focus to dumbing down the youth of America.

Now, I know everyone has shows they consider guilty pleasures, but seeing the Jersey Shore crew run around with their neon orange complexions and bringing home ugly girls for awkward televised sex makes me cringe knowing that these fools get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars while I keep burying myself in debt.

I really didn’t notice just how bad the channel has affected the college crowd until during winter break.

I was at a friend’s house watching a football game and as 10 p.m. approached, my friend’s girlfriend came into the room hysterically shouting, “Jersey Shore is coming on! Change the channel now!”

It was at this moment that I wanted to vomit a little and give this poor girl a book to read, or a life; either one, really.

It sickens me to see people glorify and obsess over such mindless trash and I think people need to pay a little more attention to important things, like the current backlash in Egypt, than to obsess about watching Skins or the Real World.

I’ll give MTV credit for shows like True Life and I Used to Be Fat, but people need to think about the nonsense the channel has shoved out to a society that has glorified absurd behavior and celebrity craziness.

I’m not saying everyone has to watch PBS and read a book while smoking a pipe in front of a fireplace, but the next time you watch MTV, think about the days when music used to be the focus and think about the shows that populate the channel now.

You’d never think you would ever miss seeing Fred Durst on your TV, but I’m getting desperately close to feeling that way. And that is a scary
thing to say. n