Hot water pump conked out

Rock cafe has no flow of hot water

Thursday afternoon at approximately 3 p.m., Ferris’ Rock Cafe’s hot water pump stopped working.

A replacement hot water pump arrived Friday morning, but was also unable to be used because of a broken part upon arrival. This was discovered after the replacement installation process was complete, and normal dishware was set out as usual.

“There is plenty of hot water and this should not cause any interruptions to services at all,” said Mark Arnold, assistant manager for the Rock Cafe.

The usual plates, glasses, bowls and silverware used in the dining room were replaced with paper and plastic products until the repair. After the unsuccessful repair the dishware was replaced again.

“It’s a slight inconvenience because we had to replace all of our dishware. Then we started to transform back to normal and now it’s the second time we’ve switched around,” said Clairrissa McNair, student Rock Cafe employee.

The water line under the building is full of hot water, but the Rock Cafe has no way of getting the water out until the next hot water pump arrives.

Until then, students, faculty and community members will be eating their meals with a plastic fork, knife and spoon on top of a Styrofoam plate.

Arnold said the Rock Cafe should be fine over the weekend and is hoping for a new working hot water pump to arrive early next week.