Is this a date?

When someone asks you to hang out via electronics, is it considered a date?

I’m talking about the world of social media and fancy gadgets with instant messaging, texting, Facebook and other ways of avoiding face-to-face conversation.

Take a simple text. They have your number and now they are asking you to hang out. Does hanging out mean they just want to be friends or is that the newest way to ask someone on a date? Personally, I think avoiding direct conversation means people are just lazy or scared. It seems like the easiest way to ask someone on a date without dealing with face-to-face rejection is through a text or a silly Facebook message.

The last time a guy asked me out face-to-face, he seemed a little nervous. But hey, he tried, didn’t he? I think that takes a lot more guts than a confusing Facebook message or text.

Society dictates that guys ask out the girl first. I think many guys are afraid of rejection and don’t want to seem like a creep or fall into the black hole that is the friend zone. While these concerns are legitimate, there is only one way around this. Ask your crush out the next time you see her/him. Single people are less likely to say no to someone confident, who actually took the time to ask you on a date in person.

Everyone absolutely hates rejection, so it may take a little courage if you aren’t the bold outgoing type. Honestly though, what’s the worst thing that could happen?

Truth be told, sometimes girls don’t even know they are on a date when they are asked to hang out through a Facebook message or a text. Dating is such a casual thing these days that a simple “See you at the bar tonight?” text doesn’t really send any “I like you, can I take you out?” signals.

When you are “hanging out,” make sure both parties know it’s a date. Something as simple as paying for the other’s movie ticket or taking her coat and grabbing her hand seems easy enough. It doesn’t take much. Just be direct and hope for the best.

Dating is such a complicated game; I can see why people don’t take action right away. There are chances of rejection, embarrassment and awkwardness at stake. But if you don’t take action, don’t plan on getting any either.

So if you are upset that you’re going to be single this Valentine’s Day, take your own initiative and ask your crush out. If she or he says no, well it’s no big deal. At least you will have a direct answer. Don’t lose confidence, just try, try again. n