Dating in the Nude

Upcoming event raises campus curiosity with unique title

“What? Ferris wants us to run around in the nude?” said freshman Matt Agnone.

This type of response was similar amongst students who first heard about “Dating in the Nude” taking place today in Williams Auditorium at 7 p.m. Extreme intrigue seemed to be a common thread amongst students.

“I don’t know what it’s about, but it sounds awesome. I’m actually skipping class to go to it,” said freshman Shane Linke.

Others remained skeptical that the risqué title could really be taken simply for what it was.

“Maybe it’s about not judging people by their outside or by what they wear,” said freshman Jenna Pier.

“It can’t be about dating when you’re naked…geez. I don’t know. It’s the naked truth about dating and relationships,” said freshman Kyle Weidman.

With Weidman’s response, student theories about the event seemed to be getting closer and closer to actuality.

Chris Howell, communication and co-sponsorship member of the executive board of the Entertainment Unlimited, met the speaker of the event, Harlan Cohen, at a National Association of Campus Activities conference and thought the speaker who called his presentation “Dating in the Nude,” was sure to be a hit, not only for the name, but for the content he would present.

“I thought Cohen was a great person. He was friendly and was giving us a small tid-bit about what he would present if he came to our school. He was very open and very responsive to questions,” said Howell.

Still, even Howell couldn’t deny the title was bound to grab the attention of just about everyone on campus.

“I think that the initial reaction will always be curiosity. I mean, with a title like ‘Dating in the Nude’ what could that possibly entail? Generally when sex or nudity is in the title that always sparks an interest and generally ensures high attendance,” said Howell.

Cohen is highly respected as a bestselling author, singer, songwriter, and a syndicated advice columnist, with lots of wisdom for any college student, especially so shortly after Valentine’s Day when love and relationships are still a looming thought.

“Cohen will speak about the various things that college students run into while at school,” said Howell “He also gives advice on dating, relationships, and how to be comfortable with yourself in the most uncomfortable situations. These are real world issues that we all deal with on a daily basis. Harlan gives you advice that is good and every college student needs. We all have issues that we are struggling with and Harlan knows that.”

Freshman Luke Edington heard about the event from a student at another school, and agreed that the content is sure to be valuable and entertaining.

“I’ve got a friend that had this presentation at his university, and I heard it’s going to be awesome. It sounds like something that will actually be interesting, unlike having to go to ‘Sex and the College Student,’” said Edington.

Various highlights of the presentation include “Five Steps to Finding Happiness in Love (and Life),” “The Universal Rejection Truth of Dating and Relationships,” “The 15 Forms of the College Hook Up,” live interviews with members of the audience, and a couple of songs written and performed by Cohen, including “The Syphilis Song.”

“I think Cohen will be great and I feel bad for anyone who misses out. He will be giving some great information and advice to which we can all relate,” said Howell.

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