Home of the fat

Why are Americans so overweight?

There are 142 million Americans who are either over-weight or obese and that number is only expected to rise in the upcoming years.

Where did the American people get all of these front butts, back titties, and quadruple chins?

Let me enlighten you. They received these jiggly attributes courtesy of big food corporations. These manufacturers are trading a fatter nation in exchange for a fatter wallet.

The way they have been doing this is by pumping high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) in almost every food imaginable. HFCS is a man-made sugar replacement which is not only sweeter than good ol’ fashioned sugar, but is also cheaper, thus the motivation behind these food manufacturers swelling our food with it.

So why exactly is HFCS a huge reason why eight-year-old boys have more cleavage than a Victoria’s Secret catalog?

For starters, it is jam-packed with calories. Shockingly enough, that is not even the worst reason to be consuming it.

Normally when our body has consumed enough food in order to properly fuel us, it sends signals to our stomach which relay the message of, “Hey I’m full, put down the fork.” When you eat HFCS, it blocks your body from getting that message. Since that message is no longer getting relayed, you keep eating and eating.

We end up eating well beyond the amount that someone would normally be able to eat. So not only is the HFCS adding more calories to your diet, but it is also allowing you to eat more calories. So that all equates to a double-dose of bad news and diabetes in the near future for us.

Here is some news that is even worse: Chances are that we, as an American people, will be too dumb and lazy to do anything about it. People will claim they are uninformed of what exactly they should be eating (see ‘dumb’ above). People will complain about how hard and time consuming it is to check a food label before tossing it into their cart (see ‘lazy’ above). These food manufacturers are not going to stop unless we do something about it, and in this case that something will be refusing to buy food with HFCS in it.

Citizens in Egypt were able to stand together and force their president out of office. Can we Americans stand together and force HFCS off of our grocery store shelves? Only time will tell if we decide to take back the power of what we put in our mouths.