A big deal

FSU plans for a bigger Big Event than last year

A new record-setting 1,400 volunteers will be grabbing their tools April 9th and going throughout Big Rapids for this year’s Big Event.

A joined effort between the Big Rapids community and Ferris’ campus, the 4th annual Big Event allows FSU students to volunteer in the community performing various projects including washing windows, painting and yard work.

With about 205 homes signed up to participate in this year’s Big Event, a number of Ferris students are excited to contribute.

Ferris marketing senior Eric Cole said he believes the Big Event allows him to showcase his efforts for a good cause.

“This is my second year doing it. I participate in this event to give back to the community,” said Cole.

Being involved in a variety of registered student organizations at Ferris, Cole said giving back to the community is a major responsibility.

“I am a member of the American Marketing Association and Sigma Pi Fraternity, and community service is a big part of both my organizations,” said Cole.

He feels as members of the Big Rapids community, FSU students should be willing to get active and volunteer.

“This is where I’ve been for five years of my life, so it’s only right I give back to the community of Big Rapids and Ferris State University for all their hospitality,” said Cole.

Ferris psychology senior Emily Leask said she had a lot of fun participating in last year’s record-breaking Big Event with Phi Alpha Delta.

“I think it›s a great way to get involved in the community that I spend nine months out of the year in, and help those that need it,” said Leask. “I›m used to yard work and such, so I can utilize my skills in those areas too.”

Big Event Coordinator Danielle Balmer said 1,424 volunteers have signed up this year. The number of volunteers has increased by 300 since last year.

Balmer said this year›s Big Event will also be set up differently from last year›s. Balmer said in order for the volunteer process to go along quicker, students will not be required to fill out a separate waiver form. Also among the changes, was the decision to provide all the equipment used to assist the city-wide project.

“The big event is supplying all of the tools this year,” said Balmer. “We are hoping that›s gonna help out a lot to get students engaged.”

Assisting to service the community, Balmer said she feels that the Big Event also serves to unify the diverse students on Ferris› campus.

“The purpose is not only to say thank you to the community, but to bring the campus together as a whole,” said Balmer.

For more information on the Big Event, visit http://www.bigevent.ferris.edu. n