Status crisis

People get too wrapped up in maintaining a certain status level

Lines of people stretch for blocks around the local electronics store.

Some of these individuals have skipped work or have been sitting in line for days waiting to be the first of their friends to enter the store. All of this just for a tablet computer.

This is the scene I witnessed on the news showcasing the insanity that the new iPad 2 has created with its recent release.

Mind you that the first iPad was just released at this time last year. So that wonderful new piece of technology that you waited for in line for hours, and that you abandoned all forms of proper hygiene for a few days to get, will just be old news come this time next year.

But this is the way that society functions now; if you don’t have the newest and coolest status items the day they come out, then be prepared to be left in the dust.

It’s sad to see how wrapped up people have become with themselves and keeping a certain status level.

People will abandon their responsibilities to wait in line and live like the homeless for a day just to say they got the hot new phone first and that no one else got it before them.

Does it work any better, just because you waited in line like a fool for days, than the same phone that the idiot behind you in line just purchased?

In a world where people feel they need to post their entire daily schedule on Facebook, it’s become sad to see how people have become obsessed with themselves.

No one cares that you just slept for 12 hours and now you’re going to the mall, so don’t make me read your stupid status update about your pointless daily activities.

Part of it is that we’ve become fixated on thinking that the world needs to know what is going on at every moment of our lives.

Don’t get me wrong, I have accounts with many social media services, but the obsession with updating the world to every aspect of an individual’s life is part of the mindset of staying popular and keeping up-to-date with society.

So what if you don’t have the latest smartphone? Who cares if you didn’t stand in line for hours for the new computer that you just bought?

There’s no need to try and keep up in the status race. Just make sure you’re happy with what you’ve got. That new iPad can’t keep you company if you’re stuck in an empty apartment with no friends. n