Bad reputation

College generation often gets bad attention

Too often are college students looked upon in a negative light. Rather it be our lack of protests, our choices in music or our style of dress, we are often unfairly portrayed.

For a generation that is often referred to as being lazy, non-caring and rude, a bold statement is clearly being made when we see so many college students involved in their communities.

While attending events such as this year’s Relay for Life or Sibs and Kids weekend, one can not help but notice the amount of student leadership. While volunteering for Sibs and Kids weekend in Pickell Hall, I noticed the large number of student volunteers assisting children with games, prizes and tickets.

Circling the Wink Arena during Ferris’ 2011 Relay for Life event, the large number of students in attendance drew much attention to the greater cause of cancer awareness.

Recently, the Ferris State Hospitality Gala Management Team began a collection that benefited the American Red Cross disaster relief fund. The estimated $200 in donations benefited the victims of Japan’s tsunami disaster.

On March 31, a group of Ferris students promoted the dance marathon benefiting the Muskegon organization No More Sidelines. The students danced to raise awareness for an organization assisting young people with disabilities participating in community events and sports activities.

Whether it is 1,400 volunteers signed up for this year’s BIG event, or registered student organizations (RSO) volunteering their services to local businesses, FSU students have been a positive part of the Big Rapids community.

I understand that much support from the Big Rapids community and Ferris’ administration is needed to promote such events. Still, Ferris students have been a driving force in raising donations and global awareness on campus.

As active as our generation has been to change our world, you would think the world would change its negative perception of us.

Let us hope that one day society will see the contributions our generation has made on this campus to cause change. However, regardless of what views society may have of our generation, it will not take away from our drive to be the change we want to see in the world. n