Down in the drug dumps

Is pharmacy the only health science with the right to complain?

Though Ferris State might get bashed sometimes, we really do have a lot of great programs depending on what you’re going into.

For example, our health care programs are really something to be proud of, such as all our allied health, optometry, and of course, our prestigious pharmacy program.

Now, any pharmacy school student can testify to the extremely vigorous schedule of pharmacy school. I’m friends with quite a few pharmacy students, and most of them are very hard workers, driven to succeed. One thing I’ve discovered is that the common thread that uniting pharmacy students is complaining about pharmacy school.

That’s not to say they aren’t justified. In fact, I hear far too many non-pharmacy students complain about (in the scheme of things) easy classes and assignments. I’ve heard pre-pharmacy students whine about their introuction to biology and chemistry classes, bummed they can only watch a few hours of the Jersey Shore marathon. I can’t help but laugh at these students, thinking to myself, “If you only knew what you have coming once you kiss the comparatively leisurely days of pre-pharmacy goodbye.”

Pharmacy school students certainly have a right to be frustrated. Having a boyfriend in the program, I am an eyewitness of the constant projects, assignments, readings, and exams. It truly seems never ending for these students. As busy as I feel as a pre-nursing student, I can only imagine what they deal with, as I hear about it quite frequently. In fact, it’s all they talk about. It makes me sad, really. I hope they know all that hard work is going to pay off someday.

Here is the problem I have: Sometimes I feel as if pharmacy students, in their state of being completely fried and overwhelmed, get the idea that their program is harder than any other, or that the workload of other students will never measure up. Though with some majors this might be true, I still think it’s rather unfair.

I’m not saying they disrespect other students. I just think in their stress of the situation, it’s hard to even imagine anything worse.

The fact is, everyone has their workload, their responsibilities. Yes, pharmacy is one of the most vigorous (and eventually most rewarding) programs one can enter, but what about all the other health care programs? I think it’s easy to belittle other health programs. Even though pharmacy school is definitely one of the tougher programs, at the end of the day, everyone in health care programs works long and hard.

I believe all health care majors deserve their recognition. Anything medical usually requires intense coursework, and whether you’re slaving over your biochemistry book, working on your nursing capstone, or doing whatever else your program entails, everyone has their responsibilities.

What sets you apart is how you handle it, and your ability to push through with a positive attitude, even when it’s exhausting.

Health care programs are tough for a reason, but they all have one thing in common: delayed gratification. n