Great debaters

FSU debate team takes on NPDA competition

The Ferris State debate team traveled to Portland, Ore. to participate in Pi Kappa Delta’s national tournament.

“I had never been to a tournament before,” said Kiara Hunter, a junior in political science and a communication minor. This was her first year on the debate team. “We did pretty good, I think.”

The team competed in the National Parliamentary Debate Association competition and the Individual Public Debate Association competition.

Hunter and her debate partner, Danielle Leisner won, 3-3 in the NPDA competition.

“I was very nervous, especially going into the first round,” said Hunter. “We went up against some pretty good schools.”

Leisner, a communication major, said, “In every round there is a different question, so you are really going in blind.”

Leisner said the key to preparing for the competition is to stay up-to-date on current events.

Jerome Jones and Andrew Kalinowski won 1-5 of the novice NPDA competition, while Joshua Crowton and Ali Nienaber won 3-3 in JV NPDA.

Crowton, a senior in communications, placed 11th overall in the IDPA and walked away with a trophy. Crowton said he was happy all his hard work had paid off. “There were 120 plus people there. It was great to place that high.”

Crowton was not the only one who left with bragging rights. Nienaber and Hunter placed 3-3 in the novice IDPA, while Jones placed 1-5 in JV.

Travis J. Lakin, the debate team coach, said he was proud of all the members of the debate team. “Everybody did well,” said Lakin.

Hunter, Crowton and Leisner all said they joined the debate team after taking an argumentation and debate class with Lakin.

“He’s a really great teacher,” said Hunter. “He really relates to students. He’s the reason I got involved in the debate team.”

Hunter said that having a good teacher prepare her for the competition made all the difference. “I had a lot of fun.” n