Words @ War

An undergraduate from the University of Chicago recently launched the website UchicagoHookups.com, which sole purpose is to find someone for casual sex.

The site, which requires a college email to sign up, has now expanded to ten universities and is still growing.

Upon the launch, the website has received quite the amount of national attention, a good portion of which is negative. This is where I become confused.

People are saying how this website is disgusting, trashy, and immoral as it encourages people to engage in ‘meaningless’ sex. For starters, all kinds of sex has some meaning to it. The meaning just changes. Casual sex being for a physical meaning, and sex in a relationship being for a physical and emotional meaning.

While I do agree that this website is promoting casual sex, it is also promoting something else: honesty. Obviously, you are not going to go on this website looking for Mr./Mrs. Right, but at least you will find people who are being honest to themselves and others. Some people, especially young people in college, are either not ready or do not want a serious relationship at this moment in their lives.

So can people who are using this site really be faulted for shedding a false façade and being honest? Would it be better if they went to the bar looking for someone to take home and warm their sheets? How many people, both male and female, go out every weekend with the sole purpose of getting laid? Finally, guys can stop going to pro-abortion rallies or hanging out at the local pharmacy waiting for a woman to ask for Plan B to make sure they find women who are putting out.

It is ridiculous how many people will say they believe sex should be special and all that other rosy crap and then a few tequila shots later, their supposed morals are hitting the floor along with their clothes.

Look, if you truly believe sex should only be between two people who are truly in love, and it should be romantic and special, then that is 110 percent fine. Your solution is simple: don’t use the site. Just get off your high horse and stop preaching because I assure you the people who decide to indulge in casual sex do not care. I mean, I don’t see eye to eye with vegetarians, but I’m not going to question them because it does not affect me at all whether they eat meat or not. Plus, more for the rest of us.

There is also the ever-hovering concerns of STDs/pregnancy and how this website will ultimately lead to a rise of people being infected and pregnant. Newsflash, people: there are these fancy little things called condoms. With the exception of the one percent chance that they fail, strap one of these on and put your fears to rest. Casual sex doesn’t cause people to get disease ridden and pregnant, stupidity and people who believe the pull and pray method is a legit form of protection does.

So at the end of the day, if people enjoy and want to have casual sex, let them. It is not like they need this website in order to do it. It was happening well before the launch of this website and will be happening long after some new/better website comes along and replaces it. Just remember, wrap your (and your partners) tool… and stay in school. n