Ferris Fest for real

This year’s event will have a variety of performers and new attractions

Ferris Fest 2011 is inching ever closer, and with April 16 right around the corner, the campus is getting ready for the biggest concert event of the year.

Contrary to what is now popular belief, Sean Kingston, not Justin Bieber, will be headlining this year’s concert and will be taking the stage at 5 p.m. the day of the event. The openers for Kingston will include Cartel, Steve Means, and Gunnar & The Grizzly Boys.

The second stage performers at the event, courtesy of the Music Industry Management Association and Bulldog Radio, will be Dan Daniels and the Southern Gents, The Red Handed, and MC Pigpen & Pat Maine.

Lindsey Parker, member of Entertainment Unlimited, is very eager for Ferris Fest this year.

“I am so excited for this year’s event,” said Parker. “EU has worked very hard to make sure that this year’s Ferris Fest is a positive, upbeat atmosphere for both students and community members alike to enjoy. We are bringing in new novelties for people and we just have a good feeling about this year.”

EU is pleased they were able to book Kingston because he was the second choice for the headliner in the survey students participated in this year. So far, they have received a lot of positive feedback from FSU students, as well as students from other universities. The wide range of artists seems to be keeping most students happy.

“I am glad that EU went out and picked up a good variety of performers for Ferris Fest,” said Greg Priester, sophomore in the hospitality management program. “I would have preferred a rock band headliner instead though.”

“I’m interested to see Cartel, their music is pretty decent so hopefully they are good live. Not too thrilled about Kingston, he has a few good songs to dance to, but other than that it’s not my style of music,” said Sarah Zielinski, first year pharmacy student.

“I only know of Sean Kingston and Cartel. I think both performers will put on a good show. It is good to see Entertainment Unlimited brought a variety of artists to keep the general public happy,” said Justin Greenfield, senior in the nursing program.

The Bieber rumor that rocked the FSU campus and surrounding areas has had some impact on EU since the April Fool’s edition of the Torch was released.

“I personally have received countless emails regarding Justin Bieber’s performance. The first week I received hundreds of emails and to my amazement, many came from people outside of Ferris State,” said Parker. “I think what sparked the ordeal was that many students immediately posted it to their Facebook wall. Now, people are just joking about it. However, a friend of mine has overheard community members still talking about it.”

Students mostly thought the Bieber article was something fun to joke about.

“The whole Bieber thing was funny,” said Priester. “My Facebook was blown up with people saying Bieber was coming to Ferris and they were so happy about it. I am not sad he is not coming, but it was a good joke.”

“My boyfriend texted me the headline and was convincing me that it was for real, so of course I was immediately mad, but then he realized how not funny I found it and told me it was a joke,” said Zielinski. “Would’ve been a disgrace if he actually was coming.”

“I thought it was a good April Fool’s joke,” said Greenfield. “I heard about people who were really excited about the Bieb coming to Ferris. I also heard how others cried when they found out it wasn’t true.”

Despite Bieber’s absence, students can look forward to many other things going on at Ferris Fest. Novelties and food will be present at the event to supplement the musical performances.

“This year we are going with a theme: tropical,” said Parker. “It is based off Sean Kingston’s music. It can be found in our publicity, advertising, food and novelties.”

Some of the new novelties being brought to the event include splatter paint shutter shades, a quadruple trampoline, sandy candy, smoothies, photo booths, and airbrush tattoos. Food vendors will include such places as Jimmy Johns, Buffalo Wild Wings, Bob Evans, and Snyders BBQ & Meat Market.

The festivities will kick off on April 16 at 12 p.m. and go until 6 p.m. in the campus quad. The event is free and open to everyone who wishes to attend.

“I look forward to a great turn out and good fun for everyone in attendance,” said Parker. n