Words from the wise

Honors seniors speak out to underclassmen

Showcasing Knowledge: An honors senior talks to a guest professor. Honors seniors showcased what they learned in their major over their years at Ferris State. Photo By: Brock Copus | Web Editor
Each year at the Honors Senior Symposium, honors students showcase what they’ve learned in their majors through taking on a creative and explorative project or study and displaying it for others to observe and discuss. But many of these students’ learning experiences have gone far beyond the classroom. Here’s some words of advice from those who’ve used their time at Ferris to the fullest:

Megan Tobes: Pre-physical therapy

“Don’t wait until the last minute to get work done. Get involved and get to know people.”

Matt Preston: Nursing

“You should get involved in more than you think. The university gives a lot of opportunity to better yourself through registered student organizations and leadership positions. Doing these things can show you what you are passionate about.”

Dustin Carr: Pharmacy

“Learn to balance your social and academic life. Want the best grades you can get, but also know that there are people who can help you out and with whom you can have fun. College is all about fun, just not too much.”

Justin Greenfield: Nursing

“Don’t wait to get involved. This past semester I’ve been a lot more involved and I realized I could have done so much more if I started as a freshman. I also encourage studying abroad. I went on the Italy trip this summer with Dr. Caserta and Dr. Ryan. It’s only two weeks and being in Honors, you can get scholarship money as well. Take advantage of what you can while you’re young. It’s a great way to see the world and meet new people. I also went on a mission trip with the pre-med club and they helped a lot of people. It’s great and eye opening seeing different cultures. I still have friends at the places I’ve traveled.”

Honors Seniors: Jana Pisani listens to an honors senior describe what she has learned during her time at Ferris. Photo By: Brock Copus | Web Editor
Calvin K Carter: Graphic design

“Even though you may be busy with classes, still get involved and interact with the people outside of just your hall.”

Kayla Simpson: Nursing

“Get involved in different things like service projects. That’s where I learned the most. For example, I was in pharmacy and I switched to nursing because I learned that I wanted to care for people. I wouldn’t have learned that about myself if I hadn’t got involved in volunteering.”

Melissa Sudol: Nursing

“Stick with Honors if you’re in it. A lot of people quit when they get into their programs, but I really suggest staying in it. It looks great on your resume.”

Mary Jewell: Pharmacy

“Make time for things other than school activities. Balance your social life with academic work, though I’m sure some people have the opposite problem as well.”

Sara Gladys: Pharmacy

“Get involved not only on campus. It’s also really important to get to know your professors.”

Christ Hagan: Health care systems administration

“I’ve participated in various intramural sports and RSOs. They give you a chance to meet other students and work with other people. It’s helpful not just in college, but also for when you go out into the real world.”

Leanne Day: Nursing

“Do something that you’re passionate about and something you believe in.”