Done with the halls

Apartments can be a better option for FSU students

Spending a majority of their college experience in Ferris’ residence halls, at some point, most college students will make the transition to living off campus.

An important part of being a college student is finding your own freedom. Freedom is what most Ferris students hope to find by the time they throw their graduation caps in the air. I feel I personally got that freedom when choosing to spend a year living off campus.

For me, the decision to live off-campus was an easy one. No longer did I have to live under the supervision of an RA or find myself required to maintain a meal plan. Nor did I find myself having to roll out of bed and stand in the cold for random fire drills. Most importantly, I no longer had to share a small room with a student I barely knew.

Also, most college students’ classes/workloads require them to constantly be on the move. This can become difficult while waiting for your suitemate to finish his/her three-hour-long shower. Another major benefit for students who decide to live off campus is the options of preparing their own meals. Often, students must walk across campus and eat the limited meal options given to them by the university. Though this does provide students a reliable meal option on campus, how long does it take to get tired of burgers and fries?

For Ferris students who choose to not live in residence halls but want to remain close to campus, East Campus Suites is a great option. Not only do students get to enjoy a full bathroom as well as a fully furnished living room, they are also within walking distance of class.

Depending on where you choose to live off campus, your choice of living may even be cheaper. For instance, certain apartments within range of the university offer free housing throughout the summer. Even with expenses such as utilities and gas, most Ferris students still find the decision to live off campus more economically efficient. Among the variety of apartment complexes Big Rapids provides, a few are even being remodeled with more expensive luxuries.

So, if the decision of sharing a single kitchen with an entire residence hall floor does not seem appealing to you, you may want to consider the off-campus option.