Ferris showcases new optometry building

With its June 8 dedication, and the demolition undergoing Pennock hall, all eyes are on Ferris’ new $26 million Michigan College of Optometry building.

“It’s one of the most integrated educational buildings in the U.S.,” said Vice President of University of Advancement and Marketing, John Willey. “It accommodates a vast variety of teaching methods.”

At 87,000 square-ft., the building features classrooms, a vision care clinic, observation areas and labs. Established at Ferris in 1975, it also has the honor of being the home of Michigan’s only college of optometry.
Recently, partnering with the University of Advancement and Marketing, Ferris’ MCO hosted a dedication featuring statewide guests including former dean Dr. Kevin Alexander and Dr. Lillian Kalaczinski, president of the Michigan Optometry Association.

“It’s been a vital part of Ferris and a showplace for the university,” said MCO Dean, Michael Cron. “It’s a wonderful new space for student learning.”

Students, faculty, staff and optometrists toured the three-story building discussing the past, present and future of the new facility.

A member of over four optometry RSO’s, Katie Schleef said Ferris’ MCO “gives me the opportunity to fulfill my dream of being an optometrist; a dream I’ve had since I was a little kid.”

Schleef is president of the Michigan Optometric Student Association and a 3rd-year MCO student. She said Ferris’ new MCO facility has many technological opportunities to offer, but one of its most personal benefits she said is the one-on-one attention.

“I feel as if the instructors truly care for not only our learning in the classroom, but also for our life experiences and those things that will help make us great doctors,” Schleef said.

Continuing with plans to expand the MCO building’s future potential, Cron expects the MCO to continue providing state-of-the art optometry resources in the many years to come.

To watch video of the MCO building dedication, visit Ferris State University’s homepage at or directly on YouTube