Beat the heat

Ways to stay cool during the summer

Whether you’re studying in the sauna that is the residence halls, walking to class in the scorching sun, or can’t afford to turn up the AC in your apartment, here are some simple ways to bear the blazing temperatures this summer:

1. Wear light and loose fitting clothing: This will keep you from feeling so sticky. Wearing cotton can also help you stay cooler.

2. Bring a fan or two: Keeping the air circulating can help keep your room more bearable, and if it’s really bad, multiple fans can’t hurt either. Also make sure your heater isn’t turned on.

3. Keep hydrated: Though the best source for this is good old water, sports drinks can help replenish electrolytes you may be losing. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol can also prevent dehydration.

4. Eat right: Avoid big meals that add to that feeling of fullness and discomfort, especially in the sun. Instead, eat several smaller meals throughout the day, as well as foods lighter in content, such as fruits. Eating smaller meals more frequently has also shown to be better for you anyway.

5. Don’t have AC? Go somewhere that does: Take a trip to the movies, library, or even the Rock. Anywhere that has air conditioning can be a nice refresher from living in a non air-conditioned residence hall or apartment.

6. Refrigerate more than food: Keep cold washcloths in your fridge to cool your neck or face. Also consider putting aloe or lotions in the fridge to give some extra cool soothing power to sunburn or to massage on tired feet.

7. Keep clean and cool: Take cold showers, even showering multiple times a day to keep yourself from feeling gross and to just to refresh and cool yourself.

8. Work out times: When staying active, plan your workouts at cooler times during the day, such as the morning or evening. To avoid the heat all together, go to the student recreation center to work out there or cool off in the community pool.

9. Take a trip down the river: Not only is it fun, but tubing down the Muskegon can keep you cool, especially since the water doesn’t get too warm. n