Oasis close to home

Enjoy some wilderness outside of the city of Big Rapids

Just outside of Big Rapids is the Manistee National Forest which is home to miles and miles of trails.

Students can travel 20 minutes out of town to a scenic oasis where they can enjoy Hungerford Lake Recreation Area within the Manistee National Forest. It can serve as a relaxing spot to get away from the city.

Students can also enjoy a camping trip with friends at Hungerford Lake Camground. Campsites are located next to the lake and have easy access to the boat launch.

Grab some camping gear and take a little trip out of town. With the campgrounds so close to Big Rapids, it is easy to take a night away from town.

If feasible, bring a kayak or canoe and take a trip out on the lake. Have a love for fishing? This lake is tucked away from the noise of Big Rapids, making it perfect for a peaceful fishing trip.

Don’t forget to take a dip in the lake to cool you off on a hot summer day.

Various trails surround the campground for easy accessibility to miles of land. The trailhead for hiking and mountainbiking is near the entrance to the lake.

With all these different trails, it’s easy to go take a hike on the open roads. Exploring the land of Manistee National Forest gets students out of the town atmosphere and into the wilderness. It’s nice to enjoy some peace and quiet every now and then.

If camping or hiking doesn’t sound appealing, grab some friends with trucks or jeeps and go mudding. It is always fun to go play in mud puddles. Just make sure to bring a tow strap; sometimes the mud will suck in vehicles.

After taking the adventure in the woods, be sure to stop by the Woodville store just outside of the forest to the west. They have hard-scooped ice cream available for those hot summer days.

Just remember to be respectful of the land used. There are many fun, free activities to enjoy in the forest. Go have some fun this summer with friends, as a new land in the wonderful forest is available for use. n