True love at a distance

States separate a couple’s relationship for the summer

Tyler Sylvester, junior in mechanic engineering at Ferris, told Alexandria Lorenz he liked her shoes almost two years ago and they have been dating ever since.

Now going into their second summer apart, they have no worries on making their relationship last while being states away.

Lorenz will be interning in New York City for three months, while her boyfriend will be working in Kalamazoo.

Lorenz said, “Communication daily will make this summer go by faster and will make our relationship work. We also have a very strong relationship foundation already.”

Planning visits, scheduling phone calls and, as Lorenz would say, “a lot of Skype,” both students know their relationship will survive.

Sylvester is not excited about his girlfriend leaving for the whole summer and even expressed his jealously of her living in a big city, while he will be “stuck at home.” They have already planned visits to see each other and intend to do a lot of texting.

“Though I am not happy about it, I am still extremely happy for her. I know she is going to have a blast this summer and get some great experience from her internship,” Sylvester said. “I guess in the long run I am OK with the whole situation because I love her and want to support her in all her endeavors, especially one that can benefit us in the future.”

He plans to keep busy this summer by hanging out with his friends, playing in his band, and going to car shows and races. Sylvester and his girlfriend are already planning on two trips to visit each other to make their summer apart go by faster.

Many students have a perception about long distant relationships failing, but Sylvester believes communicating every day will keep their relationship strong.

“I feel that when a couple stops talking on a regular basis, the troubles begin,” he said.

According to a 2011 United Press International website article, more than half of college students are in a long distance relationship and “up to 75 percent will be at some point”.

College couples who are willing to go the distance, may find it is more than a walking distance to make their relationship last over the summer. n