Great outdoors of summer

Big Rapids offers many spots to enjoy the warm weather

This summer may be a first for some students if they are staying on campus, do not be too quick to say there is nothing to do in Big Rapids.

There are a variety of activities to enjoy throughout Big Rapids since there are many parks offering everyone an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors.

North End Park is an area of interest. This park offers a variety of activities including tubing access, beach volleyball and disc golf. The White Pine Trail runs to the east and the Riverwalk to the west offering a path to run, walk, bike or rollerblade.

They offer a volleyball court, along with a pavilion where a barbeque could be hosted. The disc golf course can also make for a day in the woods. This could be a new sport to pickup while this summer.

Moving slightly south, there is a park on the north side of the road from Tioga Apartments; where students can park and head down the river on a tube or go for a bike ride on the Riverwalk or White Pine Trail.

The sawmill allows tube rentals, which can be a better choice financially than buying a tube.

Heading south there is Hemlock Park. The river runs along here as well as the Riverwalk path, where students can enjoy biking, running or rollerblading. There are also tennis courts along with a baseball field to enjoy some summer games. Call some friends up to come watch some summer league games or participant in a game with friends.

Continuing along the Riverwalk will be the end at River Street Park. Where there is open space to play on the soccer fields or softball and baseball field. Enjoy a picnic or a leisurely stroll at this park.

South on Millpond Road is High Banks park, where is the end stop for most tubing trips. After tubing people may head to the softball field or have a cookout.

The White Pine Trail is the path that runs from Cadillac, Mich. all the way south of Big Rapids. The paved path here in Big Rapids stretches from North End Park all the way to about High Banks Park.

FSU also has several volleyball courts, located by Clark and Carlisle Hall. The softball and baseball fields are located on the West side of campus along with soccer fields. Go have fun with friends playing summer games.

There are lots of places to explore here in Big Rapids. Do not be afraid to wander and enjoy the nice weather summer brings.

Check out the City of Big Rapids website,, for driving and general park information. n