Worthy of time

Apprecation for college hindered by tuition

The start of the school year has arrived with moving in, new roommates, old friends, welcome week, new classes, new professors, and the one thing everyone wants to forget about, that tuition bill.

I can probably speak for most college students here; they dread that large tuition bill. Like most students we moan and groan about how tuition rises each year and how it is so expensive. Tuition in some ways has increased to it’s extremes.

Thirty years ago my mother paid roughly $30 per credit hour. I am paying about $340 a credit hour. The rough estimate is about a $10 increase per year, so breaking it down doesn’t make it look all that bad.

I seem to open my mouth too quickly about how ridiculously expensive college costs. You have money going towards not only tuition but all the books and supplies needed for classes. It seems like so much is put into college, but I don’t always see the benefit.

Looking back at the past few years, with all my complaining, has allowed me to realize it has already been worth it.

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to be in college and to better myself as a person. Nobody can, or ever will, be able to take away the experience I have had in college.

Not only have my courses prepared me for the work world, but my social skills have expanded.

Some people aren’t as fortunate to be able to have the chance or choice to attend college.

College is a choice to attend, most people aren’t forced into this situation. I chose to become a college student and I have taken on all the responsibilities that come with it. Including whether or not I want to fork over that much money.

To keep me positive, I look to my parents who are both college graduates and have made career paths that has gotten them through.

It is a hope of mine to not hear anyone complain about tuition rising. It is that part of a conversation the can put a damper on a good day. Looking at all the benefits tuition ends up bringing you, it really outweighs the monetary value.

Debt comes with college but the rewards afterwards will be well worth it. I am trying to stay optimistic about the situation because I chose this path in life and I am going to make every step well worth it.

I know it is difficult to think of tuition in a happy tone but college is one of the best things to come my way in life. I am looking forward to my following years here, even if it means another tuition increase.

I am going to stay optimistic since I was given such a great opportunity to be able to attend college. n