Construction confusion

Recent construction limits traffic

The continuous construction projects throughout the city have become a huge inconvenience for drivers traveling through Big Rapids.

These past few days, drivers have literally driven in circles attempting to get through the maze of construction cones and traffic workers. Between lane closures, remodeled curbs and crosswalks, Ferris students have had to deal with signs saying “Right Lane Closed,” “Sidewalk Closed,” and “ Construction Work Ahead.”

It seems throughout the summer, and now into the fall, traffic has been much more congested than usual. Since July, construction projects have been underway to replace over a dozen sections of curbs and gutters.

Between the decisions to change Morrison Ave. back into a two-way traffic lane and recently resurfacing State Street between Spruce Street and Perry Avenue, city projects are beginning to become an annoyance.

Though the traffic between student walkers and drivers seems to have improved near Ferris since the construction, interaction between drivers seems to have gotten worse.

However, one of the biggest complaints heard around campus regarding the latest construction project isn’t the lane closures; it’s the timing.

The decision to continue construction throughout the night left a number of students scratching their heads and honking their horns trying to figure out why DPS officers were blocking traffic. City workers directing traffic on designated street corners did little to help the confusion and cluster of cars, and I myself am left wondering when city roadwork will be completed.

With more potential construction projects scheduled to continue into this week, I only hope the flow of student traffic will improve as road crews clean up the mess.