The college experience

With a seventh consecutive rise in enrollment and nearly 10,000 Ferris students on Big Rapids’ main campus, more students are choosing to go to college.

The university has recently reported an increase of 179 more students this semester than fall 2010.

Walking through campus, any student will notice filled classrooms during the day and groups of students walking to Shooters at night.

Still, the college experience goes beyond textbooks, tests, parties and the residence halls. A big part of college is networking and building social awareness.

Each semester, registered student organizations and Ferris faculty put on seminars and events to raise donations and help create dialogue between student groups. Events such as the Big Event, the Take Back the Night rally and hometown recruiter began with a handful of volunteers and students. As Ferris students began to support these events, they grew into annual events capable of creating change in the community.

As students at FSU, it’s important we support the programs put on by our organizations and the university. It alarms me the number of RSO-sponsored campus events that are met with empty seats and a lack of student involvement.

We play the largest role in the decisions made on this campus.

If we are unable to step out and let our voices be heard at public venues, we risk losing the influence we have on affecting the campus.

These events are our chances to learn about our university and ourselves, and to have an opportunity to change them both.

Bash a watermelon for Lambda Chi Alpha to feed the hungry, pay for a car wash by the Society of Automotive Engineers or shake hands at Bulldog Bonanza.

Regardless of how you do it, get out of your halls and involved in something requiring you to make a difference.